Duerkopp Adler

Durkopp had already designed his first sewing machine in 1861, and in 1867 together with Schmidt he started his own company known as Durkopp & Schmidt. In 20 years Bielefeld develops to become one of the most important centres of the sewing machine industry in Germany. In 1880 there are 19 Bielefeld companies operating in the sector. Their products enjoy international recognition and are sold all over Europe.

The sector undergoes a crisis in the 80s as a result of growing national and international competition. Durkopp & Co, as the company is called after Schmidt's departure, is the first enterprise to start seeking new markets for the manufacture of bicycles. The new product sells very well and the company continues on its successful path. As do other companies, Koch & Co follows Durkopp's example, and bicycle manufacture soon becomes an important factor in the town's economy.

Sewing machines from Durkopp Adler are used in a wide range of applications. The most important of them you find below.

  • Men's Wear
  • Ladies Wear
  • Automotive
  • Home Upholstery
  • Shoes
  • Special Applications
  • Parts & Services
  • Other Applications

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