Chairman's Message

"We view this tough environment as an opportunity for Turel to demonstrate the very tangible value that our offerings provide."

At TUREL we don't speak about machineries, but about sophisticated integrated systems from cutting room to finishing. A complete management package. For this reason the study of the market, with its facets, has been always very important for Turel. Every field has its precise features which distinguish it from the others. That's why TUREL is specific for each field and differ according to each customer's requirement.

By this way TUREL has acquired an absolute worldwide leadership especially in the cutting room organization, by proper "made to measure" software programs, as well as in the roll handling and management systems, which cover any type of need, from the simple loader from the table or from the floor, to the top sophisticated robotized roll storage.

The production covers four main fields: laying up machines, roll handling systems, spreading and storage tables and software programs for work order elaboration and labor process management in the cutting room.

Mr. Viraf Turel,
MD Turel Group of Companies

The wide range of models available for each one of the four product categories, the module concept of each element and all the experience and knowledge enable our staff to recommend and offer many different and customized solutions, according to each customer's requirement. Also available at Turel is a proper Information Technology Department, to develop software programs for cutting room management, to do the interface of Turel machines and existing EDP and CAD systems and to follow up software service and customization.